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Brennan, 34

I love this place. My sister hosted her party here and the staff gave us a great experience. I cannot start telling you everything I love about this pub. The food was simply delicious, the drinks are given in generous servings as a freebie for the package we availed, and the ambiance was simply titillating. Everybody had fun and they were even thoughtful enough to decorate in accordance with the celebration we were having that night. There were even a cake and all the trimmings that made the night extra special. Super thankful for the staff who were extra caring in serving us.

Josie, 46

The first time I came here was several years ago. There was no entertainment then just the low jazz music that sets the mood. One thing that remained in my mind then was the buffalo wings. It was extremely flavorful and would retain to your taste buds even after several hours after. The classic flavor was with a bit of spice in it but it was delicious and really nice to be partnered with their hand-crafted brews. They introduced me to different brews and I never went back to cocktails since then. The husband and wife who owned the pub that time even sit with me for several minutes. They were very good hosts and gave me even a dessert courtesy of the house. Now, as I came back several years after, the pub was even better. The entertainment was superb which just added to the appeal of the place. Definitely a must-visit place!