To better understand the services and products we offer here at the Pub House Theatre, we have made this frequently asked questions site to guide you to have a maximum experience here at our pub. We update this from time to time to add the most common questions asked by our guests and customers.

pubhousetheatre.com – FAQs

Do you accept reservations?

Yes, we do. Reservations are accepted but are subject to the availability of seats. We make sure that there is an even number of seating available for walk-ins so not all reservations could be accommodated. If we were not able to make a reservation for you on the date you want, you could still try for walk-in. Failure to confirm reservations up to 3 hours before the bar opening would forfeit your reservations to others.

Do we need to pay an entrance fee? If yes, how much?

There are days when we allow people to pass without paying an entrance fee. However, this is on special occasions only. On a regular day, an entrance fee is needed to be paid. Regarding the amount, this is subject to the performers during that day. What is constant however is that your entrance fee is inclusive of two bottles of your favorite beers, two refills of your chosen brew, or 4 servings of cocktails of your choice.

How do we know the performers of the night?

You can tune in to this site for the schedule. We usually release it a month before so our customers could make time for their favorite performances. Entrance fee during the night is also included in our announcement.

Can we celebrate events in your pubs?

We accept bookings for any events. Check out our Contact Us page to see how you can get the computation for any packages you choose.