Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems

Garage door repair is a common project. There are many things that go wrong and make the garage door malfunction. Having a heavy structure fail to function can be frustrating and dangerous to handle. While some problems with garage doors can be avoided through routine maintenance activities, a repair project becomes necessary if they are ignored for too long. Following are the common problems with a garage door. As always if any issue happens, professional garage door companies such as, Noblesville, IN garage door repair should be called to handle the issue.

Garage Door
  • Garage door shimmies from the side:

A garage door may wiggle from one side to another while it goes up and down. In this case, inspect the tracks for obstructions. Make sure that they are cleaned to allow the rollers to run freely and smoothly. However, if the tracks and rollers are good then check the springs to make sure that they are tensed correctly. These springs should have the required amount of tension to support the garage door during the opening and closing process.

  • Stuck garage door operations:

This problem could be caused by obstructed tracks. Clean the tracks to make sure that they are free from any type of obstruction. After cleaning, they should be lubricated properly. Keep in mind that weather plays part in the need for lubrication throughout the year. If it does not help to resolve the problems then a professional garage door technician should be called.

  • Garage door remote fails to work:

In this case, the first thing is to ensure that the batteries of the remote have enough power. The garage door opener is plugged in properly. In addition to this, garage door sensors are cleaned and aligned. If all are set then it is time to replace the garage door opener and sensors.

  • Garage door falls while going down:

It could be an uncontrolled and rapid fall. There could be broken springs behind it. Handling the garage door springs and cables could be dangerous. It is strongly suggested that call professional and reputed garage door companies handle this. Don’t forget that serious injuries can happen if you don’t have the proper skills and tools.

Garage door repair work is obvious. It can be avoided by performing routine maintenance work. However, complex garage door jobs need professional garage door services with appropriate training, skills, and tools to do the jobs.