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Trash Boy! The Musical – $15

  • bunnies

    To finalize his anti-garbage campaign, the mayor of the town Fairweather burns down the town’s garbage dump. Yet in doing so, he unleashes Trash Boy, a boy made of garbage, and kills Trash Boy’s scientist creator (or possibly just a bum who said he was a scientist)! Will Trash Boy seek vengeance? How will the mayor react to his own daughter falling in love with Trash Boy? And how will her boyfriend, a tough super athlete, deal with this threat to their gentle love? Can the town janitor keep everyone reasonable? Come see Trash Boy! The Musical – because it features ten original songs and the actor playing Trash Boy is the greatest actor of all time.



  • Trash Boy will be played by a mannequin covered in garbage and no one in the world of the musical will understand that he is not a real person. The show is about tokenism and, more broadly, how emotion often tramples reason. More importantly, the show is pretty funny.

    Case Blackwell and Bryan Duff are actors, improvisers, and writers throughout Chicago. They are graduates of the Second City’s Musical Conservatory Program.


  • Andy Bolduc
    Brittany Bookbinder
    Ryan Livingston
    Lindy Voeltner
    Katie Tyner
    Bryan Duff (understudy)


    Book by Case Blackwell and Bryan Duff
    Lyrics by Case Blackwell and Bryan Duff
    Music by David Yontz, Case Blackwell, and Bryan Duff


    Case Blackwell and Bryan Duff


    Laura Marsh

Patrick is the Media Director. He runs the website and helps with picture, poster and other graphics. Patrick is also part of a production company, still without a name, with Byron Hatfield and Chad Pickett. They are working on trailers and commercials for the shows with aspirations to work on larger projects.