OJ Didn’t Do It: What Really Happened

  • OJ

    OJ Simpson is a record-setting running back whose talents earned him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. Upon his retirement, Mr. Simpson pursued a successful career as a television broadcaster, actor, and product pitchman. On June 14, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Mr. Simpson’s ex-wife and her lover, were found murdered outside of Ms. Brown’s Los Angeles area condominium. Mr. Simpson, the prime suspect in the murders, was ultimately found not guilty by a jury of his peers in a lengthy and historic trial. Despite his acquittal, Mr. Simpson remains guilty in the eye of public opinion. Ms. Brown and Mr. Goldman’s killer remains at large and unidentified to this date.

    “OJ Didn’t Do It: What Really Happened” presents, for the first time ever, the true account of what happened the evening of June 13. Presented in the style of an old-fashioned murder mystery farce, an ensemble of seven faithfully recreates the intrigue, scandal, and double-crossing that occurred at the Brentwood estate on the night of the crime of the century.


  • ANTHONY DURAN (Frederick)

    LISA BARBER (Nicole Brown Simpson) is a small town girl who couldn’t be happier to be living in the big city of Chicago. After receiving a B.A. and M.A. in Communication, she spent several years in the corporate world before finally succumbing to the performance bug. A proud graduate of Second City’s Conservatory and Writing programs, she most recently sailed the high seas with Second City Theatricals aboard the Norwegian Pearl. Currently she can be seen performing at Second City with the house ensemble Moxie on Saturday evenings. When not on stage, Lisa can be found frolicking about town with her husband and poodle whom she thanks for their sweet, sweet lovin’.

    ANNIE DONLEY (Marcia Clark) can be seen performing at iO with powerhouse group Superhuman or doing something phat with Kill All Comedy (killallcomedy.com). Of course if you really want to see her, you’re in the right place. Previous credits include Wizard Quest, The Tragedy of Balloon Boy, Splatter, and Co-Ed Prison Sluts. Thanks for watching and “supporting local theater”. peace out doggz.

    BRYAN DUFF (Kato Kaelin)

    TIM DE LA MOTTE (Colonel Mustard) is an actor from New Jersey and his heart constantly beats, except for when he’s asleep – Dracula Syndrome. Tim appeared in the Pub Theater’s hit show Bye Bye Liver, and was once an uncredited extra in a movie with Mark Linn Baker. Outside of that Tim is proud to be part of this show and working, in general. Tim thanks his family, without whom he probably wouldn’t have a couch, or that shirt he wears so often.

    GREG OTT (Ron Goldman)

    WINK STONE (Mark Fuhrman) originally hails from Virginia where he began improvising at UVA with Kevin Knickerbocker. These days he enjoys working as a lighting and sound tech at The Annoyance and other theaters around town in addition to putting up comedy shows with his independent group Dog’s Best Friend.

    JAARON DREW (OJ Simpson)


  • GREG OTT (Writer, Director, “Ron Goldman”) is an actor, writer, and comedian. Since 2011, he’s been touring the world in “The Best of The Second City” with ensembles of Second City Theatricals. He wrote, starred in, and co-directed the critically acclaimed “Chris Gaines in… The Life of Garth Brooks” at the Annoyance Theater. Other recent credits include “Sharks on a Hot Tin Roof” and “HouseCo.” (de Maat Theater), “Autobahn” (Studio BE), and “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” (Apollo Theater). His website, only available online, is greg-ott.com.

    JOE AVELLA (Writer, Director) is a filmmaker, writer, actor and apparently a director of plays. Some of Joe’s work has appeared on the IFC, Spike TV, and WTTW’s Image Union. He’s also had stuff screened at several festivals including the SXSW Film Festival. Last year he released a feature film called Master of Inventions, recently he finished an independent pilot called Delivery Dudes. People seemed to like it.