The Public House Theatre. One venue, 2 amazing Stages!

The Pub: Our Main Stage is a 120-person cabaret that offers great views, friendly service, and amazing specials for you and your friends.
The House: Comfortable and relaxed, this 60-person theatre mixes couches and indulgent seating with tables and rugs to create a perfect environment to enjoy any show.

The Pub Stage

Bye Bye Liver

Bye Bye Liver is a series of outrageous sketches, all centered around the one thing that connects all of Chicago…Alcohol!

Whether it’s the girl that should never, ever drink liquor…or that one guy that confuses courage with shots of Jameson, we’ve all known them…or been them. This is the hilarious romp that satirizes all of those fun times and f*ck ups we’ve all had when we had just one too many.

Interspersed with hilarious, interactive social games, you’ll laugh until you cry at Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play. More Please.

Plan 9 Burlesque: Fight Club Burlesque

PLAN 9 BURLESQUE present “Fight Club: A Project Mayhem Burlesque.” In parody to the Chuck Palahniuk novel & David Fincher movie, an insomniac crosses paths with a soap-maker who widens her eyes to what’s important to life. In doing so, the duo create an underground fighting club which ultimately grows into city mass mischief. Plan 9 Burlesque teams up with the Mental Notion Society in making their debut play burlesque production. Burlesque makes its initial 6-week run, every Thursday at 8:00 pm from March 7th thru April 11th. More Please.

Share A Show

1 show 3 peeps 20 min each. This month: Sherra Lasley, Erin Sprague and Danielle Wheeler.
Every month three NEW artists will perform 20 minutes of polished solo material in one show! Share A Show challenges the plethora of solo performers in the city to amp up their art form and show off an extremely high quality cohesive piece. Seeing three professional solo shows in one night will only leave you wanting more! More Please.

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The House Stage

The Nerdologues

The Nerdologues have been together for over two years now, and since our inception, we’ve played to countless houses in Chicago, as well as all over the United States, from New York Comic Con to San Francisco Sketch Festival. But along with our goal of making nerds laugh, we have a very real desire to bring nerds together. We host a free monthly “nerdologue” telling event, called Your Stories, where others share their own heartfelt, daring, and honest tales. The Nerdologues also regularly hold other monthly (usually free) events, that range from introductory Dungeons and Dragons games to superhero themed pub crawls. Truly, we try to offer something for everyone. More Please.

The Business

The Business is a sketch comedy group comprised of four University of Chicago alumni. In the past two years, they have performed in Chicago at the Playground Theater, the Upstairs Gallery, CIC Theater, StudioBE, AbbieFest, and Stage 773. Other credits include the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, the Chicago SketchFest. In reference to their most recent SketchFest show, TimeOut Chicago wrote, “this team of youngsters has no business being this good this soon. Their scenes have a well-rehearsed spit and polish that lots of groups simply can’t claim.” The Business is thrilled to call the Public House Theatre their new home. More Please.



The funniest, weirdest, dumbest Chicago sketch comedians come together once a month to put on the funniest, weirdest, dumbest sketch show. A new host curates a new show with a new cast and a new theme on the second Saturday of every month.

DRUGSEX INCORPORATED features comedians and performers from, iO, The Annoyance, and The Upstairs Gallery. More Please.

All of Our Feelings at Once: Feeling Lucky?

All of Our Feelings at Once is five earnest writer-performers who make original comedy. Committed to over-sharing by any means possible, we meld forms as varied as sketch, songs, storytelling, interactive games, circus, visual art, and good, old-fashioned handstand contests. We believe in risk-taking and snack-eating, in awkward truths and bizarre choreography. We celebrate our community with guest artists at every performance. Our shows are defined by those vulnerable, surprising moments when we and our audience discover what feelings are shared by the entire room. More Please.

Sketch Test

The safest place to test out your material! Perform your sketches in all stages of their creation in a room full of your peers. Gage their reactions and chat with each other after to help inform and create even more awesome stuff. Do all of this before you pay to put up your show and invite your aunt from the burbs. More Please.

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