An Introduction to Garage Doors

As a rule of thumb, the selection of garage doors is depended on the type of building, your space, needs, and budget.  There are four main styles of garage door including roller shutter garage door, sectional garage door, up & over garage door, and side-hung garage door. There is also a wide variety of materials to choose from such as, steel, wood, glass, and reinforced plastic. To get more details about the types of garage doors, visit here.

Best garage door for small spaces: If your garage has a small drive-through then a roller garage door might be the best option for you. Generally restricted space-wise, it might be what you are searching for. A roller garage door is stored into a drum which is placed above the garage door opening. There are no overhang or outswings movements for the operations of the garage door. On the opposite side, a sectional garage door differs in the way through which it is operated, opened, and stored. Like roller-shutter garage door, there is no outward movement, so you can park your car near the garage door.

Best garage doors for bigger spaces: Up & over garage doors are created in one solid piece of any material which swing out and then move and store parallel to the ceiling of the garage. These garage doors can be made from wood, steel, glass, reinforced plastic, or any other common material. These garage doors are installed on larger spaces because they need enough area (from the ground to the roof) which allows them to swing freely in its horizontal position. If you have a larger garage, you should consider the most traditional style of garage door, “the side hung garage door”. These garage doors are hanging from the sides to operate from the center and basically have double doors which will lock in the middle.

Choosing the right garage door material_ as I mentioned earlier, a garage door can be created from solid wood to enhance the aesthetic look of your home, but it needs high maintenance to remain functional and attractive.  It is very important here to note that a wooden garage door is a costly option than others. If the look of your home is more important for you than the budget, you should opt for a wooden garage door. Metal is a cheaper and durable material for garage doors. They also give protection to your home along with the strong frame of a garage door. Another famous material is reinforced plastic which can be used for side hung garage doors. It will charm the beauty of your home and the best value for the money. They can be finished in a modern glossy or glass wood style.