About Us

Pub House Theatre is your typical theatre in the downtown Milwaukee. We do not differ much from any other theatre as we provide entertainment to the general public. What makes us unique and more memorable to the people is that we lean on the funnier side of the stage. This means that when you come inside the vicinity of the Pub House Theatre alone, you could already feel the light atmosphere that would alleviate immediately the stress of the day.

pubhousetheatre.com - About Us

Why do we do this?

Simple. Through the years of working as a bar, we have observed how people come at the end of the day exhausted and looking stressed. Whether the situation was brought about by the everyday work they do, or problems happening in their own lives, at the end of the day, people look to Pub House Theatre to help them forget for a while. Many results of drinking which led them to be intoxicated at the end of their trip to the pub.

So we thought, “why not another form of entertainment which would deliver the same reprieve, but would give our patrons a whole different experience?” That’s how we started hiring entertainment. At first, like any other new ventures, it did not create much profit from the company. But as we re-create our image and the entertainment we provide, our patrons also grew in number. Reservations flow inward and there are nights when walk-ins are even impossible. The food also improved as we added more staff to our number. Although the booze still is a favorite among our customers, our food exceeds its sales. Are we successful in our improvements? The number of guests who choose us every day would give you the answer.

Try our entertainment to believe it. We are a comedy bar located in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.