Pub House Theatre | The Dining Experience

A Night To Remember in Milwaukee, WI

Are you among those people who love to burn the stress of the day by going through pubs for some down time? Do you love drinking the night away to alleviate exhaustion? Are you looking for something new? If yes, then it is just your luck that Pub House Theatre is here for you.

The Entertainment

Pub House Theatre is a bar in downtown Milwaukee which provides an entertainment that you will never forget. We are a comedy bar that provides all-night entertainment to those who need it. So if you need some fun and entertainment to fuel your night alone or with friends, you could come to see us yourself.

With just a minimal amount of the ticket, be ready to be amazed and to be mesmerized to high-quality of entertainment we provide. All our shows are executed with accuracy and precision that you would be asking for more. Our artists and performers are chosen among the best and are even Broadway material. They underwent series of training and workouts to be able to perform to the best of their capacity. What more is that you won’t feel threatened by them. During the hiring process, we ensure that everyone passes our rigorous background checking. This is also to make sure of the safety and security of all people who would venture to our bar. So no reason now not to drive yourself away from that garage door made by A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee. By coming to our pub, you’d have maximum experience that would make your every penny count.

The Dining Experience

We started as a resto-bar. By being in the business in almost a decade, we have perfected already the recipe for the foods that our customers loved. In fact, this is what invited them to come to the Pub House Theatre even before we started live entertainment here. Now, we even made it better as we hire new staff who bring forth new recipes to try.

All of our dishes here are made with a twist starting from our buffalo wings that come in many flavors. We also have the all-American double cheeseburger which is guaranteed to be a real jawbreaker. Please note that in all our patties, we create it from scratch so they retain the quality of the food without being too much. Yes, we do have salads too and pasta dishes that are to die for. For the drinks, we have hand-crafted brews and flavored ones. We also have cocktails which we offer in unlimited serving every first Friday of the month. We do have smoking and non-smoking area and there is a separate room that offers a dance floor you can maximize.

Our Staff

Who’d want to come to a pub with unfriendly staff? Perhaps not you and me. Here at Pub House Theatre, we do not want that too so we only hire crews which could give you a smile no matter the time of the day.

This is plain advertisement you say? Then come to the Pub House Theatre today and experience all the love from us. We’ll be waiting!