Avoid Costly Replacement by Maintaining Your Garage Door Opener

We have all faced it. For many of us, it always happens to us. When the garage door opener become malfunctions or seems to break down. It does not respond to opening or closing the garage door. You may think what some ways to prevent it. The garage door opener is expensive that needs to be maintained from time to time.

According to professional Dayton garage door openers specialists, there are some basic things that you can do to keep your opener functioning at its maximum level.

First of all, I would suggest that you replace the batteries of the garage door remote every year. People use their garage door at least two times to get in and out of your house and the batteries of the remote do not last forever. Most of the cases where people cannot operate the garage door are related to the batteries of the remote being dead. Next, I would recommend you that lubricate the chains of the garage door opener. It can be a costly part to replace. The lubrication process can be easy, take any good quality lubrication spray to oil the chain. Spray it according and let it sit for a while. The chains of garage door openers get a lot of friction, which is why they can wear out easily. Use WD-40 to protect the chains from rust due to moisture which is extremely essential in locations with high humidity.

Next, you need to clean and oil the rollers. You can use any mild household cleaner oil for this purpose. Like the chains, those rollers get friction and wear out. Over time, garage door rollers squeak while opening and closing. This is why they should be lubricated periodically. As per the nest tip of garage door opener maintenance, grease the tracks of the garage door on which garage door rollers run. Take any light automobile oil and coat the tracks with it. Remember, the main point to do this is to reduce friction. Every part of the garage door especially the metal ones that go up and down is going to wear out due to continuous movements and friction.

Last and least important point but still good to perform is to replace the light bulb on the garage door opener. These bulbs shake out when the garage door opener is being operated and they will short out or break. These are not ordinary bulbs. There are heavy-duty bulbs that are specially designed by garage door companies. They are normally 60-watt or 130-volt bulbs that will last for several years. You need to replace the bulb when you feel its brightness starting to fade.

Having an automatic garage door with an electric garage door opener is a luxury. If you live in colder locations, they can make your life much more comfortable. Of course, there is nothing better than leaving the garage at -1 degrees and getting into a heated car. You cannot enjoy this movement if your garage door opener does not function the way it should. Do yourself a favor by maintaining a garage door opener periodically.