Garage Door Spring Installation Risks

Garage door torsion springs that are used to support the opening and closing process are extremely heavy-duty and weighted components. You may not realize that how much heavy your garage door is due to the support of springs.

On average, the weight of the garage door is up to 300 pounds. These springs make the opening and closing process effortless. They will last almost 7 years or 10,000 operating cycles. It means that you will need to replace the springs after seven working years. Many homeowners may look at the project and believe that it is surely a work that they can handle on their own but it is advisable before starting, it is good to understand the dangers associate with garage door spring installation work.

Due to the extreme tension of springs, if they break they can cause extreme damages to property and injuries to life. Removal of old springs presents the same risks as spring breaking. If the torsion spring breaks from the garage door are being used to hold it into its original place then it can become a lethal projectile. Furthermore, these springs can cause serious injuries to unskilled installers. Overall, this project should leave to professionals like, Quality Garage Door Columbus for your and the safety of your loved ones.

Installation of new garage door comes with many problems:

After removing the spring, your garage door is no longer supported by reliable devices. If your garage door is in a top position, it can fall immediately along the tracks. Remember that the electric garage door opener is designed to lift the garage door with the help of torsion springs but the opener is not trustworthy itself to support the garage door. A falling garage door can crush or smash anything around it. Garage door with glass windows cloud sends broken pieces of springs and glass flying upon impact. These pieces can be flying inside or outside of the garage. The glass itself has significant dangers to humans.

Garage door spring installation is not the right job for unskilled or untrained amateur installers. It should be left to professional garage door experts. Not only they have the right equipment for the project but also they have a piece of good knowledge about garage door springs. They are properly educated and trained to deal with the dangers of garage door springs so there will not be injuries to humans and harm to properties.

If the above-mentioned points do not convince you to hire a professional garage door technician, at least call them to ask for cost estimation before conducting anything on your own. You may experience that cost of hiring professionals is a little higher but they can complete the project in less than one hour.

If you have to buy tools which you will not use again, your saving will be lost. You will save more if you hire a professional garage door technician to do the job. Due to the dangers of garage door springs installation, make sure that your contractor is properly insured and bonded to cover the cost of an accident.